Classical Homeschooling Magazine is a free online magazine.  In its four issues it analyzes the burgeoning homeschooling renaissance of classical education from A to Z – the primary importance of the family to education, the Great Books movement, the liberal arts, the Socratic method, the paideia reforms, philosophy and education, homeschooling academic statistics, poetic knowledge, legal implications of homeschooling, ancient Greek education, medieval education, reading lists of the classics of Western civilization, restoring education at home, the ideal university, the future of homeschooling, where to begin and many other captivating topics.

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  • Mortimer J. Adler: Reforming Education
  • The Great Books Movement: A Return to the Classics
  • The Good Books Literature Program and John Senior
  • What Is the Socratic Method?
  • Studying Falsehoods East and West
  • Paideia Educational Reforms: Paideai History
  • The Center for the Study of the Great Ideas
  • An Opportunity for Genuine Educational Reform: Homeschooling
  • Modern Media and Homeschooling
  • A Philosophical Call to Renew American Culture: The Homeschooling Renaissance
  • The Legal Side of Homeschooling
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    Second Issue


                                                         Third Issue 

    How to Read a Hard Book


  • Fourth Issue